I’m Aphrodite, a young woman who is also a sex worker.

Somehow I have found the courage and the will to leave the world of commercial sex….to only fall back in a year later.
My career started out of curiosity for the ‘unknown’, and my desire to live a more luxurious lifestyle.
However, my situation is different now.
To simplify my path in life, I can divide my career in two parts.
The part when I wanted to be a sex worker….and the part when circumstances pushed my more or less back into sex work. These circustances imply a failed education, extremely low self-esteem and close to no positive job prospects.
That being said, I don’t pity myself and I don’t seek pity from you, my readers.
It’s also important to mention that I don’t have a moral opinion on sex work.
I don’t think it’s bad or good, for that matter, and I don’t want to glamorize and lifestyle.
Neither the heavily stigmatized lifestyle that comes with sex work, nor the various ways of living ‘ normal’ lifestyle that is accepted in society.