Life beyond the Intellect.

Life…The source of everything. 
We don’t live a life. We Are Life. 
Our Life is the Source,
Our thoughts, emotions and behavior are the outcome. 
Like water, they create, shape and destroy.

For a very long time I thought Life was the Water.
Thoughts, emotions, behaviour…
Not realizing they are the outcomes of the Source.
And Means to find back the Source.
If one is willing. 

The water is unpredictable.
I thought life was the water.
As I let myself being carried by the water,
I felt hopeless when I couldn’t swim,
Not realizing Life is the Source,
Undisturbed by any influence of the Water.

The water is there, 
The source is peaceful. 

There is no water without The Source.
The Source can exist without the water.
Water cannot exist without the Source.
The Source is not disturbed by it.
It exists. As Life exists.
I am a piece of Life.
Therefor I know the greatest Peace is the Source,
not the Water. 

Water is an Outcome.
A means to recognize Life, to trace it back.
When we’re willing to trace back.
We will find the Source of Peace. 

I wrote this text while being on a spiritual journey.
And I still am.
I am a Seeker. People Are Seekers.
I only wished that people would recognize that they are…
One of the people that lightened the Spark is Indian Mystic and Yogi Sadhguru.

Yet, there is another situation where I experience Life itself.
Years ago I went to Varanasy.
At one point, very briefly, I felt Life coming together.
I started to cry, feeling humble as I’m only human.
And Powerful as a Piece of Life.


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