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Year after year I’ve fed myself with the notion that money is the utmost imortant aspect in life.
Even more so, I unconsciously convinced myself that money was the way to hapiness.
It is, indeed, the way to an acceptable life. And let’s be honest.
Having a shortage of money will make you unhappy, as society doesn’t tolerate people who cannot cope on their own, financially.
One thing I’ve learned during my years as a sex worker can be summed up in the above mentioned quote: ‘There are people so poor that the only thing they have is money.’
That’s exactly what I’ve felt so many times. Emptiness, depression, soulless emptiness,
dehumanization towards other people. 

Thankfully I learned that there was another, spiritual world that could lead me towards more hapiness.
I call it ‘The world of the Souls.’ It’s not a religion or an established belief system.
But it’s my own belief. A ‘Something-ism’. As a former atheist, I vehemently rejected all things ‘non-scientific’. However, little beauty can be seen if we only see material ‘things’. Sigh…if everyone could see souls instead of bodies, titles and statuses, this world would be a happier place for all of us.
I learned to see beauty on a more spiritual, metafysical level, also becoming interested in Esoterie, something I was already interested in as a young child, not knowing the exact word for it.

I’m strongly against any form of rigid belief systems, but I honestly ‘believe’ that a genuine Belief in a metaphysical world could help lots of people to find beauty where beauty wasn’t seen before.

Lots of Love,



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