Liberation from Women’s liberation – Sadhguru

As you can read, I’m becoming quite a ‘admirer’ from the mystic and seeker Sadhguru. 
Again, whether he’s right or wrong…I can follow many of his ways of thinking. 
As I cannot read or deliver content as wisely as he does, here is another valuable piece of wisdom.


“Right now, a woman is trying to fit into the man’s world. She should not fit into a man’s world. Half the world should anyway be hers.

The so-called women’s liberation is more against the feminine nature than anything. It is a desperate attempt, because when you try to become like a man, when you try to do things like him, somewhere you are admitting that masculine is superior to feminine. This whole idea of what is superior and what is inferior is a very masculine idea. If you look at life, everything has a role to play. Because you have made one aspect of life too important, it looks like one kind of people are more important than the other kind.

I have heard some very strong feminine liberation forces. They are definitely not talking like feminine, they are more masculine than men.

They are hard and straight – that is not feminine nature. Even a man is willing to be a little loose, but these women are not willing to relax themselves for a moment. They are just on like that. I think this has happened in reaction to a certain exploitative situation in the world. They are in a state of reaction to something that they consider as injustice.

I am not saying there has been no injustice. There has been too much injustice to the women on the planet, on all levels.

In search of Justice

They are in reaction to that, but whenever you start a movement in reaction to something or somebody else, if you react to one injustice, you will only cause another injustice. You cannot set it right that way. If you want true justice, you must leave the nonsense that has happened till now and look at life fresh. What would make us a balanced society? We are always reacting to the past. In that reaction, we will only cause another kind of imbalance. Shifting from one kind of injustice to another kind of injustice is not a solution.

A woman has been put down in many ways for a long time, so now let us put the man down – that is not a solution. That is not going to be towards human wellbeing.

Within a certain family, suppose you treat your wife like a maid servant. Your misfortune is you have to live with a maid servant which we don’t want. If the situation is reversed in search of justice, then you will end up with a wimp of a man which we don’t want either.

All kinds of things have happened in the past. Reacting to that is not the solution. Which way would a woman really be happy in society? We have to look at that without taking what happened yesterday as the basis of what we want to happen tomorrow. The way tomorrow should be, should be different. It should not be in reaction to yesterday. If it happens in reaction, at the most you may reverse the situation, but once again you will suffer because the same things will happen in a different way.”

The feminine Presence – Sadhguru

Dear readers,

I’m ready to look for metaphysical reality that’s beyond the mind and the physical. 
We should not always believe what people say, yet Indian Yogi, mystic and humanist Sadhguru has wise words to say about spirituality and the feminine. 


“I think a lot of women are going through this and some of them are trying to find a balance between the two. The conflict is not happening because they are pursuing a career, but because the survival process has become the ideal. This is fundamentally a wrong way to structure a society. If aesthetics, love, music, dance, art and craft were as important as money, business and the stock market, you would see that the feminine would naturally play a significant role in the world.

Unfortunately, today there is very little role for the feminine. Even if a woman comes out of the house, she has to act like a man and only then she is successful. If she acts like a woman, she is considered weak. We need to see that feminine is not weak; it is just fulfilling a different aspect of life. Without that aspect, life is not complete. The day feminine is completely banished from this planet, life will not seem worth living anymore in spite of every convenience. Without the ambience of the feminine, masculine will feel meaningless.

Right now, a woman is trying to fit into the man’s world; this is not a good thing. She should not fit into a man’s world. Half the world should anyway be hers. Rather than trying to create a man’s world and fit a woman into it, which would twist her out of shape, it is best that we understand what is needed – a society where both masculine and feminine have equal roles to play.”

I profoundly enjoyed this lovely writings.

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The Feminine Present: Part II


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Year after year I’ve fed myself with the notion that money is the utmost imortant aspect in life.
Even more so, I unconsciously convinced myself that money was the way to hapiness.
It is, indeed, the way to an acceptable life. And let’s be honest.
Having a shortage of money will make you unhappy, as society doesn’t tolerate people who cannot cope on their own, financially.
One thing I’ve learned during my years as a sex worker can be summed up in the above mentioned quote: ‘There are people so poor that the only thing they have is money.’
That’s exactly what I’ve felt so many times. Emptiness, depression, soulless emptiness,
dehumanization towards other people. 

Thankfully I learned that there was another, spiritual world that could lead me towards more hapiness.
I call it ‘The world of the Souls.’ It’s not a religion or an established belief system.
But it’s my own belief. A ‘Something-ism’. As a former atheist, I vehemently rejected all things ‘non-scientific’. However, little beauty can be seen if we only see material ‘things’. Sigh…if everyone could see souls instead of bodies, titles and statuses, this world would be a happier place for all of us.
I learned to see beauty on a more spiritual, metafysical level, also becoming interested in Esoterie, something I was already interested in as a young child, not knowing the exact word for it.

I’m strongly against any form of rigid belief systems, but I honestly ‘believe’ that a genuine Belief in a metaphysical world could help lots of people to find beauty where beauty wasn’t seen before.

Lots of Love,