Announcement: I quit

Yes, dear readers,

You read it well.
I want to quit prostitution.
Today I removed all my ads and website.
Well, I’m not sure if that means I will quit forever,
But right now, I quit.
Well hmm, what am I going to write then, on this blog?
I think you don’t have to be too disappointed, for my mind is a never-ending tornado of thoughts, that I need to write down, most of the time, otherwise my thoughts will definitely overwhelm me.
(Which is why I’m also prone to depression I think).
Now I’m thinking: ‘Why did I tell A. for God’s sake? Our friendship would have continued if you hadn’t tell him.’
On the other side…
I think I’m ready to open up to a new (sensual) quest.
About a month ago, a young man contacted me.
He could have been a potential client.
But he’s a special case.
He has Aspergers. He’s a high-functional ‘Aspie’, as many folks would call him.
And he is not at all asexual.
He sent me an e-mail this week , expressing his desperation.
He is very interested in women and sex and fantasizes a lot.
But his desires are killing him. I could almost hear him being clearly frustrated.
There is actually one problem….physical touching, which is a problem to many people with Asperger’s (from what I gathered from the Internet and Forums).
He wants to experience sex and eroticism, but has clearly no idea how to approach the subject…and women.

I see it as an opportunity.
Maybe it’ll work out, maybe not.
In the best case I can relieve him a bit from is sexual frustrations.
And the worst thing could be that he won’t accept me at all.
He also has severe trust issues, which is not uncommon among people with that ‘condition’, as for as my knowledge goes.
And trust, physical just as emotional trust, needs time to build up.
I realize it can become difficult to explore sexuality with someone with a very different neurological make-up, but that’s what makes it exciting, isn’t it?

Evidently, I will continue to write about sex and sexual fantasies.
Erotic stories is a field I didn’t explore sufficiently yet, but I will certainly do in the future.
Oh yes….and poems….
It’s time to expand my literary horizon, my dear readers! 🙂

This (definite?) break will also give the opportunity to get my thoughts together.
I’m planning to educate myself to receive greater (intellectual) knowledge about eroticism and…..myself, which is urgently needed, I realize now.



2 thoughts on “Announcement: I quit

  1. Good luck with your brave decision! Missing the valuable moments or thinking back of the not so great moments can both be hard. Wishing you the best in your next step!


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