Anal sex

Dear readers,

Yesterday I had anal sex for the first time with a client.
Well, it wasn’t my ‘first time’ fortunately, but yes, this was the first time with a client.
And strange as it sounds, yesterday’s experience was way better than the previous one(s).
(I only had anal sex two times before ).
My very first time wasn’t the most positive experience.
It hurt so bad 😦 .
At that moment, I never thought I would regain interest in anal sex.
But I knew I could possibly enjoy anal sex.
My partner wasn’t just that sensitive.
And I’ve learned from experience that most men aren’t careful enough.
My second turn was a positive one.
I had another partner who treated my butt very carefully.
No experiences of pain and discomfort during the act and afterwards.
I thought: ‘Cool, I can enjoy anal sex.’

But, sex with a client is different sex.
And those clients expect you to be a pro and so to be prepared for anal sex.
In my more adventurous mood,
I decided to add ‘anal can be discussed’ on my advertisement.
And ‘no anal during the first date’.
Today I’m quite fortunate to have several regular clients that are understanding towards me.
And it’s a comfortable feeling to know I can discuss things with these men and that I can guide them in pleasuring me.
The client I performed anal sex with, is in particular understanding, sympathetic, and easy-going.
Even though his demeanor in bed is rather dominant, he’s always ready to listen and to absorb my advice.
When he saw I changed my advertisement, he eagerly suggested we should try it.
‘Ok’, I thought, ‘That means I have to start practicing my butt from now on.’ (we would meet a week later).
And that was what I did, every evening.
These where the intimate moments between me and my butt.
First with the fingers, than with the toys, building up slowly and calmly.

And than the day (=yesterday) came.
Our date was congenial and relaxed as usual.
He clearly looked forward to it, and wanted to penetrate me anally with his finger.
That’s when I introduced anal sex.
I explained the rules: enough lubricant, no anal to vaginal, start slowly and quietly.
After the explanation, I asked him to lie on his back, so I could sit on him.
“You promised me to let me be in charge during our date, so don’t do anything until I say so.
And don’t use your hands (to grab my hips and trying push me down too fast).”
Very slowly I let his penis enter me.
To give additional info: his penis wasn’t small.
And the whole process of entering happened uncomplicated.
No pain, no discomfort, although I felt remarkably full.
The sex was good and exciting.
We were both contented afterwards.
He, because he thinks anal sex is horny sex and I because the whole process happened painless, without discomfort, and without embarrassments.
We came to the agreement to practice more anal sex, so that I can get used to the feeling, and therefore enjoying it more.

Well, this was my first positive anal experience with a client.

I want to give the readers who are interested in anal sex, several tips to introduce anal sex.
You probably heard of these, but I still want to emphasise this advice:
– Talk about it: Yes, a cliché, but very helpful before every (new) sex act.
Don’t hesitate. If you never ask your partner about her/his stance on anal sex, you’ll never know if she/he would like to try it.
– practicing: A penis shouldn’t be the first thing entering your anus.
This was what happened during my very first time, and it hurt as hell! 😦
Start with your fingers and toys (if you don’t have toys, you can always use oblong, non sharp objects, best not to use these objects for other activities afterwards).
Practicing anal should be a very intimate activity: Between you and your butt.
Because only you know what feels right or wrong, and you can always stop when it starts to hurt. → Can stop? No, you must stop when it hurts!
Don’t try to push your fingers or objects further, even not when you only feel a little bit of pain. Pain is a sign you’re hurting your body.
– Coming to the next point: Never use anaesthetic lubricants! Just don’t.
It will take away some pain and discomfort, but I advise against these products.
Because you don’t feel the pain if your body gives the signal ‘Stop!’
That means you’re doing something wrong. Instead of using painkillers, find out what’s the root problem. Is the receiving partner relaxed enough, or is she/he scared because of the pain? Is the giving partner too fast or too rude?
Plus, using anaesthetic lubricants and ignoring the signs of your body can cause serious discomfort and injuries afterwards.
– Let the receiving partner be in charge. Best thing is to sit on the giving partner, and let his penis slowly penetrate the anus, by slowly lowering the lower body.
On the contrary: as a giving partner, you should never just push your penis in there!
– Always use condoms during the act. Even if you’re both tested on std’s and are told both to be safe, it’s safer and cleaner to do it with condom.
Infections can be easier transmitted through anal sex. The anus has fewer defence than the vagina, plus, penile yeast infection can occur too!
Anal bacteria and genitals are enemies, remember?
– Pay attention to what you eat, and when you ate last time:
After having eaten spicy and/or high-fiber foods, it’s just not a good idea to start anal sex, it can become messy.
Plus, it’s better for you to wait long enough after you have eaten. (I recommend minimum two hours).
In the meantime you can go to the toilet, and clean yourself.
– maybe a not so self-evident point: Don’t clean too much.
I know this sounds a bit odd to some.
But just as the vagina, the anus has its natural, useful bacteria that help protecting the anus. Using internal showers and cleaning materials can dry out the anus.
Oh, and NEVER your soap in there!
Both the vagina and the anus have natural protection systems.
Using soap is the best way to destroy your essential natural protection.

Hmm….What’ more?
Some advice to the giving partner:
– make sure the receiving partner is comfortable with the idea of anal sex.
If she/he is nowhere near comfortable, don’t even think of trying to push your partner into doing things she/he doesn’t want to, that’s just rape.
– during the sex session make sure the receiving partner is fully relaxed.
Physically and mentally. Giving a sensual and erotic massage can do wonders.
Speaking of being mentally relaxed, don’t introduce anal sex after your partner had a crappy day at work, or is being restless, etc….
– massage her/his buttocks: Doing this, you can observe the bodily reactions underneath your fingers. If you come closer to the anus, what’s her/his reaction? Do the muscles tighter?
That’s mostly a sign your partner isn’t relaxed or comfortable thinking of the  anal happening. Reassure your partner she/he is not going to be hurt.
– Coming to the next point: your partner has to be sure you’re to be trusted.
If you see signs of pain, or when you hear ‘stop’, just stop.
It’s always a good thing to introduce safewords during anal play.

Well, that’s my advice so far.
I hope you’ll take notice 🙂



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