Unpleasant encounter

Dear readers,
Today I had a rather unpleasant encounter in a love hotel.
Nothing really awful happened during the date, but I felt far from comfortable with this client.
And I never had  that unpleasant feeling before with other clients.

I started by giving him a relaxing massage, as I usually do with clients.
He seemed to enjoy it. After that, he gave a nice spanking on my buttocks, which was still okay. My butt can handle some slapping. He kept doing that, till my buttocks looked red.

Then he became rude.
He grabbed my arms, and held them behind my back.
I was a frightened because I felt I had lost the control other clients allow me to have.
This client didn’t give me any space for me to move freely.
And I am someone who likes to have control, even over clients.
I suddenly felt so vulnerable.
A scary thought came in my mind: ‘Shit, this guy can do everything with me, I’m totally helpless and defenseless.’
He stood behind me, and held me firmly.
I was afraid he was going to penetrate me, without condom.
Fortunately, he didn’t.
Then he turned me around, put me on my knees, and thrusted his cock into my mouth, till my throat.
And usually I don’t give blow jobs without a condom.
That’s where the problems started.
I resisted, and I said this was not the agreement.

He said: C’mon cutie, open your mouth,
I don’t have much time, I have to return to my work. C’mon don’t be shy.
I want to come in your mouth.
‘In my mouth?!, I though, no, I really didn’t want to do that.
But it was too late. He grabbed my hair, and pulled my head backwards, so that he could see my face.
He held my hair, while jerking off.
The white semen hit my face, but I quickly closed my mouth.
Fortunately he didn’t notice it, while ejaculating.
He didn’t seem satisfied, but he had to return to his office.
I thought: ‘pffff, I don’t mind if that bastard isn’t satisfied and doesn’t want to see me again. I don’t want to see him again either.’

I don’t know what to think of it.
I had to be more assertive, that’s for sure.
But on the other hand, I was a frightened.
If I bluntly refused to be treated that way, would he be angry, and hurt me, physically?
Didn’t he really have no respect for me, because I’m just a prostitute, or had he watched too much porn?

Anyway, I had a very uncomfortable feeling during our date.
His behaviour towards me made me feel wary.
‘This is not going to be easy’, I thought.
And it was not his dominance that bothered me.
One of my favorite clients is very dominant, yet he is respectful and tries to make me feel comfortable.
But this client was cheerless, unlike my others clients who try to look a bit sympathetic, even during a short encounter.
He didn’t talk to me, he only commanded me what to do.
During the introduction I noticed he didn’t even look at me.
While showering, he didn’t even look at my face and didn’t allow me to touch him.
I wonder if he was disgusted by me being a prostitute.

I can’t say I feel abused, but I feel at least ‘used.’
I wonder if it’s just me, or how would you feel?
Or, as an escort, how would you handle the situation?
I’m curious.


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