Erotic story: A handsome stranger.

A few months ago, I met a man who occupies my mind, from time to time.
From the first moment I saw him, I knew he was different.
Different from all the men who had satisfied my needs before.
I was sitting in a quite and cosy tearoom, sipping my tea. A man, sitting on the table opposite me, caught my eye.
He was busy reading the newspaper, with an earnest look in his eyes.
His face looked tense but kind. It wasn’t clean-shaven, but honestly, his beard suited him, giving him a more masculine look.
I took him to be in his forties.
Although he was sitting, I also noticed he was blessed with a tall, slender figure, packed in a nice sober black suit.
Under his suit-jacked, he we wore an ashen shirt.
On his left wrist, he wore a silver watch. And I didn’t see a wedding ring.
I was sipping my tea, when he looked up, an looked right into my eyes. His eyes were dun-colored.
I looked away, embarrassed.
He went on reading his newspaper.
I looked outside the window. It was raining softly.
Suddenly I felt a glance resting upon me. I didn’t dare to look.
I finally succeeded to turn my eyes off of the window.
The man was smiling at me.
I smiled back, but immediately looked away. I felt I was blushing.
‘Why? This never happens to me, normally.’, I thought.
I mustered up my courage, and said: “You looked so serious a while back. Were you reading something interesting?”
He said: “Not really. The common problems, over and over again. The usual strikes and protests against the governmental savings.
Therefore nothing news, nothing interesting. But it’s necessary off course, keeping up with the current events.”
I smiled sheepish. Didn’t know what to say.
I said: “Are you waiting for a train?”
He answered: “No, but I’m waiting for an acquaintance. He should be arriving by now. ” He took a look at his watch.
I took my cup of tea in my hand.
“You have beautiful hands. So tiny and feminine.”, he noticed.
I put down my cup of tea, and smoothed my cheek with my fingers.
He said: “I don’t think we introduced ourselves. I am Anthony.”
I replied: “Aphrodite, nice to meet you, Anthony.”
‘I had been watching you for a while. You look so mysterious.’, he said, with twinkling eyes.
I was bewildered. I thought I’d noticed him first.
And his reaction was shameless. Another man probably couldn’t have afforded this.
“Oh… I think you look okay.” I had no idea how this comment affected him.
I must have looked stupid, saying this.
“I hope you’re not up to something, Aphrodite.”, he said, smilingly.
I said; “Of course not. Look, I think your acquaintance has arrived. A man is waving at you.”
Anthony:”Oh, I totally forgot  about him.
But that happens, if I’m offered the occasion to observe such a beautiful lady like you.”
How impudent he was!
“Goodbye Aphrodite. I hope we’ll meet again.”
I noticed my tea was cold. I decided to go home.
And I couldn’t get him off my mind.
The next day I passed the tearoom. No Anthony.
The day after. No Anthony either.
I gave up my hope to see him again.
“Oh, he is just a handsome and playful stranger, who I’m never going to meet again.”
A week passed by.
I needed to find some nice clothes, since summer came.
After I tried on lots of clothes, I finally found this nice, light-blue dress.
Eventually, I bought a pair of sexy black high heels. I looked forward to try it on again at home.
While daydreaming, I strolled past the shops.
Until… Someone bumped into me.
I couldn’t keep myself in check.
I said, quite loudly; “Hey, watch out please. The street belongs to everybody!”
I heard a soft laughter.
“Hihi, what a reaction!” ,… Anthony!
I was surprised. “I didn’t expect you here! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude.
But….. is this your way to attract attention?”
He replied: ” Well, most seducing phrases don’t work. So I tried another way.”
We walked next to each other, in silence.
“Unfortunately, I don’t have much time right now. But can I be so impolite, and ask your number?”
He looked hopefully.
I said: “Hmm, I have a better idea. Why don’t you give me your number. So I can call you, If I’ll have the intention to do so.”
He gave me his number.
I had resolved that I was not going to call him that soon.
But I gave in, after all.
A week later, I called him.
“Dear Anthony, you’re talking to Aphrodite, remember?”
Anthony didn’t wait for me to continue.
“I want to see you. Tomorrow evening. Will we meet at the tearoom, where we first met?”
I had to take a look in my agenda.
“Okay. That’s fine by me. I look forward to it.”
Anthony said, laughing: “Can’t wait to see you.”
Fwwww……I was excited and nervous at a time.
I decided to take a hot bath with lots of foam, before I would go to bed.
While I was lying in my bath to relax, and I imagined my hands were his.
I caressed my neck, my collar-bone, my breasts, my belly, my thighs…..
Untill my hands arrived at the ultimate spot of pleasure.
I softly caressed my clitoris and my lips. I closed my eyes, so this one spot could have my full attention.
‘Hmmm…. Anthony, I want to have you there….’ I curved my back.
Then I let my fingers glide into my pussy, and moved them, rhythmically.
I felt the muscles contracting…..
Now I could relax and sleep.
I slept heavenly.
The next day I had trouble studying.
I couldn’t stop thinking of him. Of all the things we could do together…….
The hours crawled by like days.
By late afternoon I quit studying and I listened to music.
Seven o’clock. Time to go.
At seven and a half I arrived at the tearoom. Anthony arrived 5 minutes later.
We both ordered a drink, but we didn’t stay long. Anthony was seemingly impatient.
“Why do you have to be so fast. Do you have to go somewhere?
You could’ve said it to me, if our appointment turned out to be inconvenient to you.”
Anthony started laughing. “Inconvenient? Your company is not inconvenient. But yes, we have to go somewhere, you and me. We can walk to my apartment. It’s not so far from here.”
To his apartment?….. I knew how stupid it was, to just give in to his wishes, but I agreed, nevertheless.
We arrived at his apartment ten minutes later. My feet hurt already.
He showed me the living room. It was nicely designed, and very neat.
I didn’t expect him to be so clean.
We continued our way to the kitchen, which was quite modern, and above all, spacious.
“Have a seat please. Make yourself at home. I’d like to pour myself a glass of wine. You want some too?”
“Oh thank you, I’d like to drink some wine.”
He poured two glasses of wine. He took place next to me, and moved his chair closer to mine.
He stared at me, and I started to become a little uncomfortable.
“You have penetrating eyes, Anthony. I start to feel embarrassed.”
“Why you have to be embarrassed. You are a beautiful woman, and I like to watch you.”
His fingers touched my arm. I got goosebumps.
He noticed it. “Hmmm, are you cold? I can make you feel warm.”
I smiled, again sheepish.
“But first, let me release you from these painful shoes.”
He gently took off my shoes and his hand caressed my ankle. It continued its way to my calf, and my thigh.
Meanwhile, I was twirling his thick hair and I saw he found it pleasant.
I felt so excited…. I pulled his arms, so that he was forced to resettle himself on his chair.
“I want you to undress me, Anthony.” I lay his hand on my breast.
And he didn’t disappoint me…..
He pulled my dress over my head. And I sat there, only wearing my bra and nickers.
His hand disappeared in my nickers.
“Well, you are really delicious, Aphrodite.”
He started kissing my neck and my shoulders. I sighed from pleasure.
His other hand kneaded my breasts. With one hand he removed my bra.
‘He’s experienced’, I thought.
Then, his fingered gently entered my vagina. My breath caught.
“You’re so wet, naughty woman.” He started to rhythmically move his fingers.
My lower body followed his movements.
I was riding his hand. I felt building up tension.
“Oh…..please, don’t stop… please….go faster.”
But that weren’t his plans. He took is fingers out of my pussy, and let me lick my own honey from his fingers.
“Hmm… you make me so hot, doing that, Aphrodite. Now it’s time for you to indulge me.”
He pulled out his pants and underwear.
His penis was nice, large and straight, with a thick shaft.
I let my tongue glide over his glans, and kept stimulating it.
“Hmmm….you’re good, keep going…”
My tongue was now pleasing his shaft. I licked it, made circles, I sucked.
Anything to please him.
I didn’t forget his scrotum of course. While I took his penis deep in my mouth, I kneaded his balls, very gently.
Anthony sped up the pace. This made me even more horny.
‘I want you to take me.’, I moaned.
He led me to the kitchen table.
“Turn around.” I obeyed. Now I was trapped between his body and the table.
He tapped my butt. “Nice ass you have there.” Now he slapped it, hard.
“Oh…..” His penis penetrated my pussy. My eyes turned watery from lewdness.
I bent over the table, so that he could fuck me deeper.
He kept taking me at a fast pace. My body started shaking.
“Oh no…I’m going to come. ……I can’t hold it anymore!”
I lied on the table, helpless and floundering….asking for more, deeper, and harder…
Anthony turned me around, so I lied on my back.
He laid my legs upon his shoulders, so that he could penetrate my very deep.
The look in his eyes was beyond words. His eyes shone with pure lust.
Like a wolf watching his prey….
I closed my eyes, to feel his movements even better.
I lost control. I moaned and screamed.
I felt a wave of burning heath and planted my nails in his back.
Anthony answered with a growl.
Anthony slowed his pace. Till suddenly, he pounded me, rock-hard.
He did it again, and again, and again. He moaned intensely.
“Ohhh, yes,… Oh God… oh shhhh……”
And then he came. I felt his sperm squirting in me.
The next moment we both lay on the table.
He hugged and kissed me, caressing my neck with his lips. I giggled.
“Oh, Aphrodite. You are so delicious. It’s been a long time I had sex, and I really needed it.
You came at the right moment. I’m at the height of my career.
I have no time to start a relationship. But I really missed woman’s body. You fulfilled my wishes tonight.”
I answered; “Hmm, I would like to fulfill your wished, and not only this time….”


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