Sexual objectification

Dear readers,
I’m going to write something about objectification of people, not related to sex work per se, but in a broader perspective.
At first, what does sexual objectification mean? Sexual objectification refers to the practice of regarding or treating another person merely as an instrument (object) towards one’s sexual pleasure, and a sex object is a person who is regarded simply as an object of sexual gratification.
When the term ‘sexual objectification’ is used, people are mostly referring to men who objectify women and women’s bodies.
Let’s take a look at the definition again. “The practice of regarding or treating another person (……..) as an object of sexual gratification.”
Then I think; why it’s always the men who objectify the women? What about turning the roles?
While reading the definition, I realized I objectified men and women a lot for my own sexual gratification, men in reality, women only in my fantasies.
But, does ‘regarding someone as an object of sexual gratification’ mean the same as having no respect for that person, or just for the female (or male) body?
There’s a lot of discussion going on about sexual objectification. Lots of women regard objectification as inherently degrading and harmful.
Yet, other women, like myself, are of opinion that displaying oneself as a sexual ‘object’ can be empowering, over men.
Why do I think that objectifying myself can be empowering? Well, men in general show stronger reactions to a women’s body than women to men’s bodies.
It’s my opinion that women are made to sexually attract men. It’s an evolutionary given, just like other mammals, the females are made to attract males.
I mean, why do women have soft curves; hips, breasts, buttocks etc?….
Men (most of them) love to watch the soft curves of women, regardless of whether women are covered or not.
And some men will do everything ( consensual) to get access to a particular woman (and her body)
F.ex. they try to seduce her, they buy all sorts of presents to her, they lend her some money…. all that because they long to a soft, warm, female body.
And the women, from their side, make use of that longing. Some do it very cunningly. But I prefer to use my body in an honest way.
And I have a problem with the term ‘objectification’ though. At what point is someone seen as merely an object, and treated as an object?
If my client shows respect to me in that he doesn’t cross my borders and respect my rules, does he objectify me because I’m just someone or ‘something’ to fuck with?
Honestly, I never felt hurt realizing that a man had treated me as a ‘human object’, because I’ve never been MIStreated as an object.
And I have to say, as a ‘human object’, I’ve always been treated very well. I receive a good fucking from time to time, some caressing, some kisses, some money….
In my opinion, objectification is something very subjective, it depends on how a person feels.
Off course, a sex worker (or any other person) can feel used by his or her client (or sex partner), but that’s not the general truth.
I don’t feel objectified. Am I really objectified then? I have the same opinion about victimization (but I’m going to write about that later).