On being absolutely…blog recommendation

In this blog post, I’m not going to write about sex and sex work, since my interests aren’t limited to these areas.
About a year ago, I discovered the blog of Eunice Leong-Tan;
“Elegant Woman: Timeless Grace and Poise for the everyday woman.”
The blog tries to give an answer to this question; “How to be elegant?” It’s a fun, interesting and sophisticated blog.
The author writes about her quest to female elegance and how to become a lady. Even though her blog is only a personal diary, I already learned a lot of it.
In her opinion, elegance isn’t only a matter of appearance and manners, but also a matter of your inner spirit.
How one looks at life can make a huge difference in how you behave (towards others), how attractive you are, how you attract people etc….
For instance, if you’re a confident person, people are more likely to approach you. If you’re kind to others, they will give you kindness too.
I know this sounds cliché, but I think Eunice writes truthful and helpful articles. Most of her writings are based of this very important value in life, that people tend to forget about sometimes: Kindness. Whether she writes about organizing parties, meeting very important people, entering into a discussing, making contact…
Always be kind! The blog isn’t a sort of ‘manual’, rather a personal diary, but more than a few things I picked up, and I incorporated these aspects into my life.
I can’t go through the whole blog, since my article will become very long and boring, and because I didn’t read the whole blog myself.
But I can give you a quick introduction by giving you some tips from the ‘Easy Elegant Tips’ – page on Eunice’s blog.
It doesn’t contain an abundance of words, but clear, quick suggestions:
Smiling for instance. It’s very easy and it takes no effort.
While walking in the streets or joining a company, I wasn’t used to pay attention to my facial expressions, which is a pity, since I have a nice face.
And I know it sounds as if I’m bragging. But I’m unfortunately not blessed with the body of a Victoria’s Secret model, (thin legs, tiny waist and relatively large breasts) So, I have to flaunt these body parts I’m proud of 😉 I’m sorry, I digress.
A second aspect I incorporated into my lifestyle, is the advice on shopping behaviour.
Don’t go for quantity, choose quality.
In the past, it happened I came home with lots of bad bargains whereupon I was complaining about my own stupidity. (which is, af course, even more stupid).
Since then, I’m trying to save my money to buy things I really need or that I really think is beautiful. Up to now, this strategy seems te work.
Another very important thing: Posture. I really had a horrible posture in the past and it ruined all my efforts to look beautiful and attractive.
I still have to work on it a lot, because a nice, graceful posture doesn’t come naturally to me. Maybe I’m going to look after corrective shoulder braces, because I keep having problems with that. And of course, being attractive is a very important aspect of my job 😉
Fourthly, advice that does come naturally to me; Learn how to cultivate an eye for beauty. Beauty, of course, is a very subjective given.
I, for instance, can really enjoy beautiful music, most of the time film music. Sometimes I really lose myself in music, and when someone comes bothering me, I have to admit I can be very bad-tempered. Talking about music and movies is one of my favourite activities, since I like to learn about new songs and movies.
Oh, and I like to play the piano too. I’m thinking of taking lessons again in the future. My piano playing is far from bad, but it could become way better than it is now.
I’d like to play more difficult and sophisticated songs.
Another aspect I can relate to, is education. Now, I have to admit I haven’t always been the most brilliant and devoted student, but I’m a very curious person who actually loves to learn. But some of the things I like to learn aren’t in my curriculum, f.ex. how to be seductive and elegant, how to have better sex…
Right now I’m giving myself supplementary training on English, by reading English blogs and books.
Sixth, I like to travel and the explore foreign cultures. I’m only a student, so that means I’m not that rich (yet?), so I can’t afford to travel to foreign countries a lot. Hopefully things will change. 😦
And last, but not least, try to have an elegant mind. This is maybe not an easy-to-do suggestion. But this aspect is actually the base of being elegant. Try to love yourself and others and try to acknowledge the good and less good of situations and of people. That’s what I’m trying to do.
For instance, I try not to judge people at first sight. Even though I have an unusual job, I have prejudices, just like most people. My prejudices maybe go in another direction. But still, I have them. I also try to be interested in others, and most of the time, I succeed, except when I’m bad-tempered and self-centered.
So, I’ve given you a small insight. The only small thing I don’t agree with, is the ‘God and Bible’ thing. I’m sorry Eunice, but I’m far from religious. But I admire Eunice, because she strives for becoming better at herself. To her, that means becoming elegant, in all senses of the concept ‘elegant’.
So please, overcome your hate and prejudices, and learn from the events that cross your path of life! And that’s my only advice.


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