Education, services and information for and by sex workers

I live in a tiny western European country where prostitution is neither legal nor illegal, but condoned.
I can count myself lucky to have found an organisation, named Ghapro where I can go to, if I get into trouble
The organisation helps me to get my medical checkups, and I can go to the doctor, anonymously. (which was a huge relief to me)
My work name and my birthdate are the only data they need to know and they’re extremely friendly.
Judging is not their job, giving medical and social support is.
But even in the region where I live, services are inadequate.
Most sex workers don’t even know this organization does exist.
That makes them vulnerable, because a normal doctor won’t test the patient that utterly, not to mention how precarious a situation can be, if you have to tell a ‘normal’ doctor you’re a sex worker.
That’s why I think sharing information is so important.
When I found blogs of prostitutes and escorts, f.ex. the blog of Maggie McNeill (, I felt happy because “I wasn’t the only one with ‘weird’ interests”.
Some people, who’ve been in prostitution for years, can offer me great amount of information. (F.ex. the Do and Don’ts in prostitution)
For I haven’t been working as a prostitute for that long, I use this information to improve the quality of my work.
Towards the outsiders, it’s also important to educate them, so that false prejudices and assumptions will be reduced.
I know this sounds very utopian, but I think it’s the only way to possibly improve the quality of a sex worker’s life (and that of the clients too).
I also want to say something about the nature of prostitution.
In my utopian world, sex work has to be limited to only those people who are really suitable for this kind of work.
Sex work is NOT an easy job. It’s not just spreading your legs and receive a man. It’s also about setting up your own ads, websites, manage your clientage etc, finding and reserve rendezvous hotels etc…
Prostitution is not one branch, ‘the prostitute’ doesn’t exist. There are call girls, window prostitutes, street prostitutes, the very high-paid courtesans….
They are all people who do this job for different reasons.
But when I think logically, good quality can only be obtained by people who do this out of free will, and even better, who do this because they love it.
With this, I don’t say one form of prostitution (f.ex. call girl) is better than another (f.ex. window prostitution).
I want to say that for every demand, there can be a supply (most of the time), given by a women (or man) who is willing to do that.
Now, I recently joined a sex workers collective.
I’m probably not going to meet this people, but information about legislature and developments are shared through mail.
Not everyone can join this collective (, you have to go through a nomination procedure, before getting access to the mail.Two current members have to approve you. This nomination process is set up to improve our privacy.
And I have to say it again, by searching through blogs, one can find very ‘unusual’ information about persons you’re not going to meet in real life. ( f.ex. prostitutes, pornstars, ex-sex workers, people who’ve had good AND bad experiences).
So, if you want to start a blog yourself, I’m certainly not going to stop you! But I strongly advise you to take security and privacy measures.


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