Advice for clients

Dear readers,
I don’t know who you are. Maybe you are outsiders, maybe sex workers, maybe clients.
If you are a client, I will give you personal advice.
A first word on my advice; I can only tell you what I’ve learned so far, but probably this article will be extended.
– How should you look for a Good Girl.
Trust your intuition; look for websites and ads that show some quality.
That means;
– Are the pictures real? If you see pictures that are adapted too much, so much as if it seems you’re looking at a plastic doll, don’t react to the advertisement.
– Who do you have to call? Some ads recommend to call a certain number. Off course, you can’t know for sure. But it happens that it’s a guy you have to call. Then you have to question yourself? Is she really doing it out of free will?
– Look for independent women. This, you can’t know for sure either. But you can look for a website, and how it’s made up. How does she introduce herself? Are there clear rules when it comes to making appointments, personal hygiene, locations, dates?
– If you have some common sense, don’t accept any offer that involves bare sex ( sex without protection)! You can ask yourself how much she cares about her own body and health, and most sex workers care about their health. This cases imply often compulsion from a third person…
How to come to the appointment;
– Women are very happy if you bother about hygiene and appearance. You don’t have to try hard that much. A simple shower and a light fragrance can do a lot. I’m always very pleased if a client took a shower before, and cleaned his penis. If not, I let my client take a shower in my company.
– Clean your hands! You’re going to touch to post sensitive and vulnerable parts of a women’s body.
Having dirty hands can cause infection, in the worst case.
-In line of the previous point; Cut your fingernails.
I knew clients who tried to please me by fingering me.
It would have been a nice experience, If they cut their fingernails!
– It’s very unpolite to not show up. A quick call is enough. Just let the person know if you won’t appear!!
– As an independent escort with activities outside my work, I like to plan my appointments beforehand.
So, if you want to meet me within an hour, then you have very little chance I will agree.
An escort with a strict scheme needs to plan her appointments, so if you make an appointment, fix a date, a specific time and location with her.
– Make only an appointment if you’re sure you won’t be bothered!
There’s nothing more tedious than your boss calling you while having sex!
(which happenend to my first client)
The appointment itself;
– settle the financial transactions before you ‘start’ with the actual ‘acts’.
Give her the money, put your wallet deep in your jacket or other safe place ( you probably heard of escort thieves.)
– Lot of clients are nervous, or have to hurry before the appointment.
Well, that can happen to everybody.
Ask if you can shower first , or to wash yourself a bit.
If you don’t trust her (but I hope you actually can), ask her to accompany you under the shower or in the bathroom, so you don’t have to be afraid she’s taking your money. Personally, I like to wash my clients myself, to build up an erotic tension.
– Try not to feel insecure. As a sex worker, we meet all kinds of men. Older men, young men, thin men, heavier men….
We meet men with different levels of experience.
It’s a sex worker’s job to bring experience to you, to make you comfortable, and to give you sexual excitement.
As long as you respect her (or him), there’s no reason to feel insecure.
If you’re a regular client of a specific sex worker, you’re probably going to feel more comfortable, which gives you the chance to be more open.
If you’re not a regular customer, mind that it’s our JOB to make you feel comfortable and sexually excited.
– Don’t ask for bare sex (without condom).
If you have some common sense, you know this question should be out of order!
– don’t cross her borders!
It’s very disrespectful to sex workers, and to women in general!
If you cross the borders, you ARE actually abusing her, because there is no consent anymore!
If you want to experience more extreme things, go find another professional.
There are women out there who are willing to perform extremer acts.
– Don’t ‘cheap’ a girl on her rate. I think that’s VERY disrespectful!
We’re not selling pens or trivial souvenirs, we’re selling sex.
Prostitutes are not ‘things’ you bargain over.
If her rate is too high – just don’t see her. Find a girl who’s rates are within your acceptable limits and schedule with her. Tip her well.
I’m always happy when that happens 😉


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